Milanesa 5 cereals

Satisfy your cravings with these delicious Milanesas, made with wheat, packed with 29g of protein and 260 calories. The package includes four milanesas, so you can enjoy them together with friends and family.

Water, wheat gluten, breadcrumbs, sunflower oil, chickpea, corn flour, organic quinoa, onion, oatmeal, salt, natural identical flavor, vegetable fat, potato starch, fresh garlic, rice, cassava starch, carrageenan extracted from seaweed, xanthan gum, lupine, natural spices, fresh potato, green pepper, red pepper, amaranth, calcium propionate, potassium sorbate, achiote paste, carrot, citric acid, ascorbic acid, brown sugar, chili pepper.


Conservation mode:

  • Cooling: (<4 ° C)
  • Freezing: (& lt; -18 ° C)

Shelf life:

  • Refrigerated: 90 days
  • Frozen: 300 days
  • Made in equipment that exclusively processes vegetable proteins.

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