Vegetable protein meat

Vegan Burgers: One of the most popular products in Cordon Green, HAMBURGUESAS, nutritious, juicy, have a great texture perfect for grilling. Enjoy them!

Vegan Sausages: Sausages are now more nutritious and taste more flavory! Still cholesterol-free, without saturated fats and a good source of protein, it will be the star of your next barbecue or family night of hot dogs.

Vegan Specials: Made with traditional techniques of good cuisine, fresh ingredients and our own spice blend, they make a difference and give them a classic flavor, with all the benefits of vegetable protein.

Vegan cheeses

For those looking for a pinch of cheese in their life, either way you cut it, you'll find the perfect combination with cheese alternatives in a variety of flavors, for a delicious experience.

Instant gluten free

Discover a delicious way to eat quinoa, with Andean flavors typical of Ecuador, each one that consumes one of these to poyando agriculture and fair trade, giving thanks to the land and the peasants who work it to give us super quality foods and great nutritional contribution.


Live the experience where when biting each bite you will feel the crocancia of the best Ecuadorian chocolate made with the commitment of Cacaoteros. Savor a perfect cocoa and discover and share the happiness of our Cordon Green chocolate, ideal to share. We work with cocoa families in Ecuador, providing training, development and Fair Price. For every package you buy, we'll donate $0.20 cents to small cocoa farmers.


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