Nutritious plant-based diet

This is a healthy diet in which 100% plant-based foods are consumed, includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes, with the presence of little or no animal products. “The idea of this diet is to give greater importance to ‘real’ foods, i.e. those that provide nutrients to the body” (Lifestyle Article, 2019)[1].

It is a way to adopt a healthy lifestyle, as it contributes to the prevention of diseases of cardiovascular origin, cancer, chronic ailments such as diabetes and other degenerative ailments. This type of food has high nutritional quality of vegetable fats, increasing the levels of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytochemical compounds to the human skin.

In addition to the multiple health benefits, it contributes to the sustainability of the planet, as it considerably reduces excessive water use and waste production.



Cordon Green Nutritious plant-based products

Although this diet is based on the consumption of fruits and vegetables, it should not be confused with a strictly vegan or vegetarian diet, the difference between the two is its food-nutritional profile, as it is based on plant-based foods, “but not exclusively”. It is known as the Flexitarian diet since this diet includes occasional consumption of animal fats and proteins, although in small quantities and on specific days of the week.

Cordon Green stands out in being part of a plant-based diet, since one of its most important nutritional aspects is the combination of vegetables, legumes, cereals and superfoods such as amaranth or chia, which is a key aspect in a balanced diet. With this type of diet, it is not necessary to complement it with any type of supplementation since the necessary nutrients are obtained.


[1] Hola.com Magazine, Lifestyle Article (2019), What do we mean when we talk about “Plant-Based” diets? Madrid-Spain



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