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The Benefits of a Flexitarian Diet

The Benefits of a Flexitarian Diet

Vegetable protein is a significant source of protein that comes from plants. This group can include [1]legumes, tofu, soybeans, nuts, seeds, certain grains and even peas. Legumes are a large group of plants, including chickpeas, lentils, beans and split peas. The most...

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8 Ways to create Healthy Habits in your Kids

8 Ways to create Healthy Habits in your Kids

Teach your children about healthy living, starting when they are young. This helps them avoid making unhealthy choices and developing lifelong bad habits. It is important for parents to set a good example, telling your children what to do will not always work they...

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6 Tips to become Vegan and don’t come back

6 Tips to become Vegan and don’t come back

Vegetarian and vegan diets have more and more acceptance and preference, that means that around the world every day there are people thinking about how to change their diet in a healthy way that does not harm the functioning of the body, either for health reasons,...

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Mote with Chicharron

Yes, this recipe is based on vegetable protein

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